Here you can Disscuse the good views and bad views about games and other aspects like challenge people to games on playstation 3 online or xbox live you can also have just a general disscussion about anything you want. We give what the users want
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 Xbox 360 New Releases

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PostSubject: Xbox 360 New Releases   Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:31 am

Welcome to the xbox 360 New Releases forum here you can post new topics about the games that are on the xbox 360 and post when they are coming out and the cost and other background information about the game we will be posting reviews in the Xbox 360 forum any reviews posted on this forum will be moved what users can do and what users have powers to do within this forum well

    Users Can Post New threads to fit there own topic / reason
    Users do have the power to report any moderators abusing there powers within this and ALL the forums
    Users can have conversations about a paticular game within this forum

Anything that is within the incorrect forum i will move it thats all no procaution taken just you will recive a pm from the RegisterBoard saying that your topic has been moved and to where just to let you know. Very Happy


~ lol! Managment Team ~
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Xbox 360 New Releases
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